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LADIES (and gentlemen), your introduction to the game of GOLF starts here!
Over the next 5 weeks, follow our journey of introducing the two special guests into the game. Our 'Learn to Play Golf' program is a fun and easy way to begin the journey.

She Loves Golf: Episode 1

The introduction

She Loves Golf: Episode 3

Are they making progress?! Can the girls hit the Gong?

She Loves Golf: Episode 2

First golf lesson - How did they do??

She Loves Golf: Episode 4

We are already on the golf course - How did they go?

She Loves Golf: Episode 5

Having some FUN to finish up the 5 week series with the girls - mixing it up with the Pros - No Pressure!?

2020 and 2021

The last year has been crazy, but it's been a crazy good year too! Below is a snapshot of what we have done and accomplished, as well as everything you need to know about playing golf at Russley.

From our junior development programmes, to playing golf with our favourite influencers; the lovely Two Raw Sisters, and a road trip to Hanmer where we support local communities and build stronger relationships through golf, it's been a fun-filled golfing adventure. Golf is our passion and we love doing what we do. Let us help you on your journey to better golf too.

The Two Raw Sisters show us how it's done

Road trip to Hanmer: Part 1

Road trip to Hanmer: Part 2

Your game inprovement starts here:
Acu-strike Mats

Induction into Russley Golf Club

Junior Launch Day

Junior Twilight Promo

Russley Golf Club in Lockdown Level 4

Your journey to better golf starts here